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Adventurous Minds Studio is a production company dedicated to transforming the world of storytelling by challenging societal perceptions and highlighting the inequalities that exist in our world. Our mission is to build a racially inclusive cinema that contests inequalities based on race, class, gender, and more, all within the context of entertainment.

Unfortunately, Black filmmakers are often marginalized within the American entertainment industry due to a variety of factors. To address this, we believe it's crucial for us to become our own producers. By doing so, we can produce stories that matter to us, take control of our image in the media, and invest in our productions to benefit our communities.

Our first original story, Behlo, is a concept that we've been developing for years. We're currently writing three movies for Behlo, but we're also open to the idea of turning it into three seasons or even a video game. Behlo is based on ancient mythology and inspired by indigenous people's narratives, introducing new myth stories and folktales to western media.

Behlo follows male and female warriors who fight to create a better future for Alkebulan. They battle against monsters and those who threaten world peace, all in service to the betterment of their people. The story takes place in a world with hauntingly alluring and vibrant locations, drawing inspiration from anime like Afro Samurai and Samurai Champloo, as well as fighting games like God of War and many other classic animation films.

Our goal with Behlo is to create an expansive and magical journey that showcases the generation of men and women warriors in Behlo's family tree. We're achieving this by creating an art bible with concept art, sketches, key scenes, cinematic paintings, and story details. We're crafting every page with excellence, using layouts, graphic design, and digital illustrations. In addition, we're also illustrating a series of comic books to bring Behlo's world to life.

We believe that Behlo is just the beginning of what we can achieve with our production company. By continuing to invest in our stories, we can employ and educate current and future generations, empowering and uplifting marginalized communities. Thank you for considering Adventurous Minds Studio and Behlo for your entertainment needs.



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