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Our purpose as Adventurous Minds Studio is a multitude of things. One of them is that we are working on building our very own film company here in the United States. Our studio will release wonderful films for all ages and incorporate all people. There will be stories that will appeal and speak to teens, adults and kids also.

The purpose of our studio is to shed a light on the lack of diversity in today's media and entertainment. We feel that not enough has been done to portray minorities accurately and fairly on television or within the media itself. While there has been some improvement recently, we feel the minorities are still not fully represented and as a result continue to be stereotyped and pushed aside.

So for us, we really want to do our best to help represent not only minorities but people of all color and race. We also want to represent women as best as we can and give them the spotlight that they deserve. We want our films to represent them in the reality that we personally see everyday. To be able to show the skillfulness and power within women that is still being undermined and/or misrepresented. There are so many people of different color and backgrounds who have achieved great things yet aren't being put in the forefront for their achievements due to not fitting the mold of the "poster child." We want people of all backgrounds to come together and it'll be a beautiful thing for all generations to see. We see children get along with everybody with no discrimination between them and it is pure and untainted. We are wanting to capture that on film and display it across screens big and small. We see interracial couples and we want to bring them front row and center because it is beautiful and should be acknowledged. We believe all of this makes for beautiful films so that we can inspire and motivate those who aren't portrayed as the hero or the princess in today's stories.

That is Adventurous Minds purpose.

"The goal is to create equal opportunities for everybody regardless of race or gender"

Blog Editor: Jessica Cacho

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