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In 2017, Adventurous Minds LLC was founded by Prince Smith and Lamont Pounds with the aim of sharing the stories that remain untold, unheard, and deeply desired. As a remote production company, we focus on creating meaningful storytelling through game cinematics, animated television programming, and feature films. Our team of artists comes from diverse backgrounds, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Lagos, and the United States.

Our ultimate goal is to empower artists to share the narratives that have shaped them, by cultivating a collaborative space to bring these stories to life. We aspire to create an authentic collection of art that resonates with people and allows them to learn from it.


Adventurous Minds LLC seeks to represent BIPOC individuals in a way that aligns with their vision, as they believe that no one else can accurately depict their experiences. Their purpose is to create stories that do not undermine or contrast them but instead celebrate their divinity.


— Adventurous Minds


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