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Page count: 50

Word Count: 13,913


The term "Sable Wing" embodies a creative and mythical concept, merging the imagery of a wing, commonly associated with fantastical beings like fairies, with the adjective "sable." "Sable" typically conveys a dark, black hue, often evoking a sense of richness or elegance.

The narrative of the Sable Wing stands as a story in itself, distinguished by its unique name. It is deliberately set apart from our main storyline in 'Behlo: If the Soil Could Talk,' which commences with the tale of Okoro and Femi under the heading "Okoro's & Femi's Footprints in the Soil" which is currently in development.

While the Sable Wing narrative unfolds independently, it occasionally intertwines with the overarching plot of 'Behlo: If the Soil Could Talk,' as they are connected. The chapters presented in this sample serve to lay the foundation for the enthralling adventure awaiting readers in "Behlo: If the Soil Could Talk." Prepare for a captivating journey as these two narratives unfold in tandem.

We are thrilled to offer you this early preview of our work, "The Sable Wing: A Behlo Story." It is essential to note that what you are about to read is a work in progress, not the final draft of the story. Elements such as dialogue and detailed descriptions may undergo changes before the official book release.

Consider this a sneak peek into the world we are crafting. For now, relish this early preview and stay tuned for the final version. Happy reading!


The Sable Wing: A Behlo Story

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