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Behlo: If the Soil Could Talk

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"The captivating tale of "Behlo if the Soil Could Talk" is rooted in African mythology, drawing inspiration from legendary folktales and indigenous narratives. The story follows the journey of Kappo, Behlo's father, from his unusual birth to his ascent as a great warrior God. Along the way, he encounters a vibrant and beautiful cast of characters who impart their stories, love, and wisdom to shape him into the man, myth, and legend he becomes. Raised by a warrior God named Kwame and an Earth goddess named Yahya, Kappo wields two axes that split apart and connect seamlessly to vanquish any evil. He faces powerful deities, sorcerers, and mythological creatures on his quest to absorb their powers and achieve godhood, all in an effort to rescue someone he loves dearly who was taken from him. This emotionally charged and thrilling journey is steeped in West African mythology and legendary folktales, making for a captivating and unforgettable read."





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This is a creative project that involves utilizing African history and mythology to create a fictional world similar to Middle Earth. The project will feature elements inspired by African legends and folklore, such as African Gods, giants, great Kings and Queens, and warriors. The story will also include characters that offer a perspective on mythological creatures, such as Aje & Oso (Women and male Sorcerers), Fairies, goblins/troll orcs, and more. The first book in the series, "If the Soil Could Talk," will tell the history of Behlo's world and reveal truths that parallel our own world.

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