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"If The Soil Could Talk"


Guided by the wisdom and tenderness of loved ones, Okoro embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery where beauty and terror intertwine. Traversing serene lagoons, bustling marketplaces, blacksmith guilds, and the eerie Komian-Ka woods and Kolwezi caves, Okoro's life showcases both enchanting and uncanny moments.

His journey mirrors the struggles of many young African boys, misled into chasing valor and glory for acceptance and worthiness. Society teaches him that value comes only through heroic conquests and extreme physical feats, creating an internal silent war. Despite his bravery, Okoro fears being deemed unworthy by the prince and the King Warlord. To secure his family's future, he strives to prove himself through military service, seeking their approval.

"If the Soil Could Talk" captures the essence of African heritage, highlighting serene and mystical elements while delving into darker, uncanny moments that shape Okoro's destiny. It is a poignant exploration of identity, societal expectations, and the quest for true fulfillment, as Okoro navigates the delicate balance between societal honor and personal joy in the enchanting and perilous world of Behlo.


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Genre: West African Epic Fantasy, Afro-surrealism, Afrocentricity, Action-Adventure, Low Fantasy, Supernatural Fiction.




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Behlo: If the Soil Could Talk

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This is a creative project that involves utilizing African history and mythology to create a fictional world similar to Middle Earth. The project will feature elements inspired by African legends and folklore, such as African Gods, giants, great Kings and Queens, and warriors. The story will also include characters that offer a perspective on mythological creatures, such as Aje & Oso (Women and male Sorcerers), Fairies, goblins/troll orcs, and more. The first book in the series, "If the Soil Could Talk," will tell the history of Behlo's world and reveal truths that parallel our own world.


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